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We are regarded as industry leaders, providing strategy and solutions focused solely on delivering great experiences.

At the Franchise Edge, we understand that often times your business is your life. It is very personal. It is your dream. It is the result of your time, energy and money. We feel that selecting the right group to grow this dream is equally personal and we are confident that The Franchise Edge is the right team to make your dream a reality.

We have Been In Your Shoes: Our partners have experience as independent business people, owners, franchisees, and franchisors so we are able to evaluate businesses from a real world perspective, not just from a theoretical perspective. We pride ourselves on the personal and entrepreneurial approach we take with each client, from evaluating potential franchisees to helping establish and achieve franchisor’s growth goals.

Personalized Service: Not every business is the same and not every franchise program is the same either. With over 100 different business sectors in the franchising industry, the needs of each client vary greatly. Drawing on our experience and a thorough evaluation of your business, we will be able to tailor a franchise development program to meet your specific needs, both personal and financial.

Partners Not Salespeople: When you talk to a member of the TFE team about our franchise development services, you are talking to a partner who will:

    • Guide your program through the entire process from beginning to end.
    • Give you support, knowledge and advice along the way.
    • Provide you with a level of commitment, integrity and involvement that is unmatched in the industry

We have grown our business by providing our clients with an experienced team, dependable services and steady, trusted guidance and look forward to learning more about how we can assist you in growing your business.

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